About Us

Henry Foster

Programming Analyst, Henry Foster born and raised in New York, USA. He is working in a reputable IT company in New York and has more than 8 years of experience in this industry. Since from high school days, Henry was very fond of computer application and programming. His extra-ordinary skills makes him so popular and successful in his field.

Henry has in-depth knowledge and experience of programing language like Java, .NET, Perl, ASAX, Javascript and other. How has got many awards for his excellence in programs and algorithm developed for photo recovery applications. Here at cell phone recovery, he is providing detail knowledge about photo loss situations and recovery solutions.

Rozzita Kenwood

Rozzita Kenwood is a expert web designer working in one of the leading Photo Recovery Solutions in Florida. She has done Masters in computer and Electronics from Stanford University. She is all rounder person having knowledge in web designing, programming, computer network and security as well.  Apart from that she also have in-depth knowledge of programming language as well.

She is working for than 6 years and her remarkable role in this field made her won several prestigious awards. Today, she is also doing great job for the development of programs and tools for photo recovery from digital camera, memory card, USB drive, cell phone and computer hard drive. We are just proud to have such a great author in our Author panel’s.

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