Restore Lost Cell Phone Data!!

“I was on a new year trip with my family for Paris. It was just an amazing experience. We had some of the most memorable time together. I clicked so many pictures with my Samsung galaxy S2. After the trip when I returned home, I was too excited to see the pictures on my laptop. In excitement, I accidentally formatted my the memory card and all the photos and contacts got deleted. I tried several manual procedure but all went in vain. It is very disheartening…. “

Well, the above mentioned situation could occur with anybody of us. All of us use phones to captures photos and videos and every now and then. It just not used as a calling device for making communication or sending messages but additionally can be used for multiple purposes like storing photos, video clips, sms, contacts, etc especially if you own a feature or smartphone. It can store enormous amount of information in the sim card or in the secondary storage device i.e. memory card of the phone. Memory card allow users to store huge amount of data without any lack of storage capacity. It is very portable and can be easily used any where on the go.

Many of the cell phones comes with a very powerful digital camera that captures very sharp images and videos at a very high resolution. It gets directly saved in the memory card installed in it which is considered to be very safe. But sometimes due to some unexpected reasons, data from the storage media of cell phone get lost or corrupted. In this situation you are bound to perform memory card recovery to restore cell phone data. You may also notice various kinds of error messages when you try to access your favorite photos, videos or any other multimedia files stored in the cell phone. At such point of time, if there is no backup available then there is no other option left instead of Cell Phone Recovery to restore mobile phone data.

Free DownloadSome of the reason of data loss from cell phone includes:

  • Accidental deletion of photo, video, sms or contacts from the phone
  • Virus or malware infection causing constant hanging of cell phones
  • Memory card corruption due to improper switching of phone
  • Improper handling of the storage media
  • Interruption during read/write process
  • Physical damage to the device

Due to above reasons, all of your valuable data like photos, video, audio and other files in your cell phone becomes inaccessible. In such case, using third party cell phone recovery software is most reliable option to recover lost or deleted data from the cell phone and its memory. The recovery software recover mp3, mp4, avi, mpeg, jpeg, dat, wav, gif, text, sms, contacts and several other file formats in safe and secure way. It has the ability to retrieve deleted pictures from different mobile phones including Motorola, LG, Samsung etc.

Some of the striking features of Cell Phone Recovery software:

  • recover audio music and mp3 files in its original format without any loss.
  • Recover data from memory card, sim card, hard drive and flash drive
  • It automatically search, scan and recover data from cell phone
  • Recover data from almost all types of memory cards like SD, XD, MMC, Flash card
  • Support 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB and up to 64 GB of memory card
  • Support memory card of different brands like Toshiba, Sandisk, Kingston, Moserbear
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Supported File Format 

Images Jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif
Video MP4, M4V,MPEG-4, MOV, H.264, AVI, WMV and many more
Other Movie, Podcast, TV Shows, eBooks

With its simple and intuitive interface, Cell Phone Recovery software provides ease of use for both novice and professional users. It also provides you option to recover data from Mobile Phone even after when you lost data and backup too. It is compatible well with different handsets like LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and many others.Free Download

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